Saweetie Is In Her Red Hair Era and We’re Loving Every Moment

Getty Images Facebook Email Pinterest In April, Saweetie became a blonde bombshell with a stunning honey-color hue. The bright-blonde hair got its fair share of love in braided ponytails, chic topknots, and other fire hairstyles for a few months. Then, in September, the Bay Area rapper ditched her light hair for a cute ginger hue, … Read more

Bad Bunny Reflects on 11 of His Most Daring Beauty Moments

Getty Images Facebook Pinterest Email Before he was an international style sensation and designers were sending him runway pieces, Bad Bunny was sneaking into his father's closet to borrow his special church shirt, taking trips to the mall with his mom, buying sunglasses at the gas station, and getting inspiration from the Cartoon Network. (OK, … Read more

Lizzo Brought the Side Ponytail Back for Cardi B’s Birthday

Getty Images Facebook Email Pinterest Cardi B celebrated her 29th birthday with a dancehall-themed party on Monday, October 11 and we need to have some conversations about it. Specifically, we need to talk about Lizzo's appearance for the night. The singer, who collaborated with Cardi on their hit single "Rumors," stepped out in a glimmering … Read more